Avanquest Connection Manager


Memorize and manage multiple connection profiles



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If you tend to move around a lot with your laptop and usually connect to different networks, Avanquest Connection Manager might interest you. With this program you can manage different connection profiles almost automatically.

Avanquest Connection Manager will also help you to choose networks anytime and anywhere, showing you all the available access points so you can choose the one that offers you the best connectivity.

Furthermore, it doesn't just allow you to manage Internet connections; it also memorizes connection settings, remembering elements like the default web browser you use in each place, e-mail accounts, printers installed on that connection, and other peripherals that may be connected to a local area.

FInally, the program automatically selects the most appropriate profile in each occasion, so if you have multiple access points you use habitually (home, office, university), you just have to start the computer and let Avanquest Connection Manager do the rest for you.

Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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